Hrafeld, City of Scepters

Capital city of the Kingdom of Shenkoh, Hrafeld is famous for their knowledge of history and their repositories of magic. While few in the city actually practice magic (those who with to must travel to the Wizards college in the Sea of Adis, the School of Clerics in Healey City, or the hidden Sorceror’s school, whose location is unknown), Hrafeld is home to the largest library in the world. The Four Kingdoms thought it best to keep the library of magic separate from the school, to prevent one from gaining the kind of power seen by Kimber. Most users of magic spend a year studying in the great library, and while they are welcomed a close eye is kept on them.

Hrafeld relies heavily on the other kingdoms for food and resources. Most of the usable farmland is claimed by the orcs to the west or Tommen to the north east. The recent rise of the horde in the east has caused the government to break their fragile truce with the orcs and seize some of their lands, causing them to be more aggressive both in Shenkoh and in the Kingdom of Monte. This has caused diplomatic tensions to rise between the two kingdoms as the foray into Orc territory was done without their consent.

Hrafeld is the source of the best lumber in the world, and is their main trade export. Hrafeld is also an exporter of gnome trinkets and machinations, as the main gnome presence is in the south. Automatons are a common sight in the city.

Recently Hrafeld and the Twin Cities are working together to create a new kind of flying machine, one that can be powered by the winds themselves and not the large dirigibles commonly used. But the people are becoming anxious.

With the horde to the east and the war with the orcs growing more bitter every day, the government has decided to focus most of their resources in dealing with the orcs, hoping that the other kingdoms will help keep the horde threat from knocking at their door in the coming months.

Hrafeld, City of Scepters

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