Capital city of the kingdom of Montenigh (more commonly called Monte), Pegrove is the farthest kingdom from the oncoming horde, and the one that takes it the least seriously, although after the battle of Llano news is traveling fast.

While Pegrove is also situated next to a dwarf stronghold, their relationship with them is not as strong as that seen in Llano. Pegrove is the only city in the kingdom that could be called truly self-sufficient, and is also the most progressive of the cities. Every race in the world can be seen living peacefully together in Pegrove and it is often called The Sanctuary among those who live there. They are also highly tolerant of magic users, even allowing warlocks to practice within their borders, though the location of their school is kept secret from the other kingdoms.

With forests, plains, mountains, rivers, and every other land type nearby, it is one of the most ecologically diverse kingdoms and a popular place for rangers and barbarians to train and hone their skills. This Montenigh is home to the greatest soldiers in the land. The martial training is second to none in Pegrove, and even the recent hero of the battle of Llano, Lloren, was an alumnus of the military school there.

Ironically, despite their martial prowess Pegrove was founded by the wizard Montenigh after the defeat of Kimber. But after Kimber’s defeat Montenigh forsook magic entirely, which is perhaps why the martial tradition started in the first place.

Pegrove has always simply tolerated the other kingdoms. It trades when necessary, but does not rely on the other kingdoms for anything. Their main concern has always been maintaining peace with the orcs, but with Shenkoh’s recent foray into their territory it has grown difficult. This has also heightened tensions between the two kingdoms, and the people of Pegrove view them as nothing but bookworms and useless in a battle. Despite being a very open society, they are remarkably intolerant of the nationlistic pride seen in the other kingdoms.

Recent events has not changed life much in the kingdom, with most people going about business as normal. However in the last few months a huge influx of trainees has flooded the martial colleges in the land. Unfortunately the government has decided to capitalize on this, limiting enrollment and raising the prices to outsiders. This has also increased tensions with the other kingdoms, who are trying to warn them of the grave threat coming and that cooperation is necessary. A handful of generals from Pergrove who participated in the battle of Llano and saw the horde first hand are also petitioning the government for a change in policy.


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