The Twin Cities

The Capital city of the Kingdom of Davin, they are the best shipbuilders in the world. The only city capable of creating ships and training sailors that can pass the Sea of Chaos, The twin cities of Llanfairf and Fiford are also the home to the worlds first airships. Using the lightweight cloths traded from the elves to the north and west and the metals gained from Llano, the Twin Cities dominate trade in the region. In the brief period of war after the departure of the Four, the navy of the Kingdom of Davin never lost a single battle, and secured the ocean for themselves. They have since been declared neutral waters, but Davin protects all the kingdoms from any pirate threats or lurking monsters in the ocean.

Being the central for trade also made Davin the center of culture. The greatest works of literature, art, and music come from the Twin Cities, and the Bard’s college is located in the city of Fiford. The Twin Cities are also the only capital to have banned magic, though a rare exception is given to those who attend the Bard’s College. Bardic magic is seen as mostly harmless, and a recent push has been given to allow magic to be freely practiced throughout the cities, though public resistance is still strong.

If you want to learn anything, you go to the Twin Cities, although their knowledge of history is still not as complete as in the south. If it’s the future you seek, go to the Twin Cities, but if your answers lie in the past, they cannot be found here.

With the knowledge of war, scientist in the city have turned their attention to making new and great weapons of destruction. Recently they created a way to reign fire from the sky, creating a new class of dragon airships. However the technology is still imperfect, as one airship was lost in the recent battle around Llano due to a malfunction of one of the weapons. The captain of the airship, an elf by the name of Lloryn, managed to steet the burning airship into the heart of the horde army, punching a hole for the ground troops to swarm in and turning the tide of battle. A great memorial is being planned for his heroic sacrifice, and elves from all around have gathered in the Twin Cities to show their respect. They have also come bearing their own trade secretes for making strong cloth for sails and lightweight cloth for the airships, and many elves are teaching magic in the Bard’s College. They are proud that one of their race has become the first new hero seen in the world in generations.

The Twin Cities

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