Rise of Monsters

Rise of Monsters
A Dark Evil Returns

Act I Scene I:

Four Oozing Tentacles

“Hurry, you must wake up, we don’t have much time.”. A faint voice echoed in Goliat’s head. He turned onto his side and tried to open his eyes. His vision was blurry but the light was extraordinary. The more he tried to open his eyes the more he had to squint. The only thing he could make out was the glowing outline of some feet. He could make out nothing else.

“Who are you….?” He manage to finally croak out.

“That is not important now, you must wake up soon the guards are coming for you.” The voice spoke quickly and yet…even in his groggy state he understood. He closed his eyes again and tried to focus on getting up. Still, he grunted out a final question, though he already knew what the answer would be.

“All will be revealed. Wake up, the guard approaches now.” The bright light disappeared with a bright flash. The adrenaline kicked in and Goliat brought himself to his feet. “If there were guard around they certainly must have seen that”, he thought. He braced himself along the wall next to the hinges of the door. There was no way they had built that door to withstand a man of his size, and he’d broken through stronger before.

In a nearby cell, Grey was startled to consciousness by the turning of a key in the door. He could not open his eyes, nor move, nor speak. He was awake, but paralyzed. A fear began to run through him, so familiar but not from his memory. It was a feeling he was familiar with, and with that feeling came anger, and rage. Not becoming of a monk, but it sometimes seemed that was the only time he felt in control. The key stopped. “Hey, are you okay?” . The guard was distracted. “An opportunity. I cannot move, but I have my mind. There is nothing I can do now.” He slowed his breathing, he cleared his mind. His mind drifted as he heard the guard begin to walk back down the hallway. He focused deeper, trying to hone in on what was distracting the guard.

The footsteps became a run. And then two heavy grunts…then silence. There was talking, he tried to focus further “…down the hall…” it was the frightened guard. “…let you go.” it was someone else. A prisoner who had escaped probably. He heard a running down the hallway then turning to…not the exit. He was going to get help. He had to warn the…

The door opened and Grey felt himself hauled onto someone’s shoulder. Now it was time to focus. This escape wasn’t going to be easy.

When Brody" awoke he saw the 7 foot tall of a man hulking over them. The last he remembered he was heading out to meet his friend from Wizard college. He hadn’t seen him in ages…what was his name again? He felt so groggy. But it was important. He had news to share. Something about…

Someone waved something under his nose and he smarted awake. He was in a dark room Two guard lay helpless next to him. One with a spear impaled through his eye. There were three others in the room, the alive ones. A grey elf man with no nose, a hulking man giant, and a very hairy human. The Goliat and Grey both had a sense of urgency about them. Then the grey one summed up his feelings perfectly. “We have to get out of here.”

As Brody wandered around the room looking for exits he noticed some strange writing along one of the columns. He didn’t have time to read it now, but it certainly looked important. He felt his pockets for his spellbook and pen. Damn, they’d taken everything. He searched around the room.

“How had they found out?” He had been so careful to hide his true nature to the world. Many wouldn’t take kindly to one of his kind. His train of thought was distracted when he saw the half-orc in long robes remove the spear from the dead guards eye. “Oh no, he’s not going to have a snack now, is he?” Liam thought to himself. But instead he saw the half-orc rip off some clothing and begin writing on the cloth with the spear as a pen. “Never judge a book…”.

“We need to look at this”. The grey on and the tall man were standing next to one of the doors. A red light shone from the silhouette. When Liam passed the door he felt an incredible sense of dread. Cages stacked high to the cieling, some filled with humans and other intelligent creatures, curled up and sleeping. A few had woken up and began talking to them.

“The master has brought us new friends!”
“Oh, Hooray! I hope the can’t touch the….”
“…maybe now I can join the others….”

Brainwashed. All of them. Servile to this “Master”. Trained like dogs. The hair of the back of his neck stood up.

“The were probably too weak” Goliat thought to himself as he approached the pedestal. It was as he thought. Simply not strong enough. He searched the box for a way to open it, but quickly gave up and shoved it into his pocket as the grey man urged them to leave.

He almost felt some respect when the weak looking man left his sword in the dungeon caves in a crack. “HA! Fists are the greatest weapon!”. When he discovered he only did it to find their way out he was a bit disappointed. But still, this one was clever. Perhaps he could help with the box. In fact, it seemed that most of these creatures were on the smarter side. This baffled him, as among his tribe he was the cleverest there was. But soon they had found them daylight. He might have to give them more credit.

They all began to search along the walls. He had no clue as to why, and so as not to appear incapable he began to search to, but after a few short minutes he found himself plunged in darkness again. As he walked forward he discerned, no, could it be. The weak man’s sword. At least he knew where he was, now he just had to find his way out again.

“Uhhhhh, did you guys see that?” Grey pointed to the opening of the cave, where the tall man had suddenly disappeared.
“See what?” The smaller man asked. He had been busy looking at the walls.
“The tall man is gone.” Everyone looked toward the entrance. He was certainly hard to miss, and he was now missing.
“Should we look for him?”
“We can head backwards.”
“But is this one different?”
“Wouldn’t it be shorter…”
The discussion continued. But Grey knew. He walked to the light. The others followed.

The found him walloping on a large monster. It had red eyes, sharp teeth, and long tail the flowed into the darkness, occaisionally striking at the giant. It floated over the stones and had long round wings, almost hynotizingly flowing through the air, keeping it afloat. But no sooner had they engaged the beast then three more appeared throught he darkness. “A TRAP!” Liam thought. But as he landed a blow on one of the beasts it quickly disappeared.
“A Ruse!” Cried Brody. And soon the battle was won. Grey began to try to skin the beast, but his hands were still shaking so hard from the adrenaline he only managed to get some thin strips. He grabbed some teeth in frustration and continued down the hallway to the entrance. Soon they found the hidden exit and made their way to daylight.


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