Known History

Peace has reigned in the world for the last 200 years. The increase in prosperity has caused most cities to be highly reliant upon trade with each other. Self sufficiency is something that can only be found in the outskirts, and only a small handful of cities could survive without trade. It has allowed for a golden era of innovation, with the creation of airships and boats that can cross the Sea of Chaos. And trade became highly necessary after most of the cities forewent magic.

Before the great peace the world was beset by an evil wizard, most commonly known as Kimber. Not much is known about the world before Kimber, as he had erased most records and histories, and kept the world in dark ages for at least a hundred years, though some speculate it was even longer. Kimber power came from his ability to summon great creatures and monsters to do his bidding. He besieged and destroyed cities that tried to rebel, and some suspect he was even on the brink of bringing dragons to the world before he was destroyed by The Four Pillars. After his death the four kingdoms were created, and while there was a brief period of war after the great four left this realm, peace soon settled quickly.

Even though The Great Four were users of magic, most see it only as a corrupting influence, citing Kimber, and so it is not frequently practiced. It is banned in some cities, and most people fear or are wary of magic users. Still, a few colleges of magic are permitted to function in more remote areas and the elders have managed to keep influce with the Four Kingdoms to prevent any purges.

Since not much is known of history before Kimber, the date of his death is marked as the start of the Calendar, Year 0. It is currently Year 550.

Known History

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